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I'm watching a Top Gear Marathon on BBCA, and it is terribly amusing, what with the guys being on a Caravan Holiday together with a dog and broken dishes. Instead of bird watching, they go car watching.

They are terribly funny to watch, and I've never been able to figure out how someone could not enjoy this show. I mean, truly. I know nothing about cars, but the show is hilarious nonetheless.

Especially now that they set their caravan on fire.
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Okay, so right now I've given up on finding an image for the background of this journal. I've been working on several ideas for several days, and I'm just not that smart right now. B-) lol

In any event, I have found a new pairing for me to fawn over! Well, it isn't a true *new* pairing, but I hadn't read it before several days ago, because I never really got into Star Trek for slash (though I've been watching it for years).

So, in any event, I'm in love with Kirk/McCoy. I think that Kirk/Spock is very much a possibility in TOS, but I've always been very found of Bones, and so now that the Reboot has come out, I'm uber-excited that I get to see a lot of Kirk/McCoy floating around.

Now, so long as I don't stumble across any major het, I'll be alright. hehe.


Jun. 5th, 2009 12:59 pm
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I maybe, mighta, sorta figured out how to work things. Thanks to [community profile] starlit, I'm already on my way. But because this is a new process, I'm currently working through the difficulties. After I finish out this layout, I'm sure that the process will get exponentially easier.

Actually, I'm relishing the challenge. It has been an interesting process, but since I've (thanks to starlit) figured out how to make a new style from ganking (with ... love) from lj. I'm now working with my favorite style to molest in lj, which is generator. (I never did get into the s2 system on lj, but I'm working on it now)

If you have any suggestions for colors or anything like that, let me know. Right now, I'm working with the palette "Blueberry Bush" from Skyblue2u on Colour Lovers.

Also, the background image is just one I'm using to keep place right now. B-)

right now

Jun. 4th, 2009 12:40 pm
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Okay, so I'm currently working on my new layout, because I hate using preloaded stuff. Accordingly, this area is going to probably be very bare/awkward/difficult to nav for a few hours, as I'm really getting myself used to the new system and such.

Really, this shouldn't be any different from any of my other css work, but I think the difficulty will lie in my understanding of where my features are. I could look it up, and I'll probably end up looking *some* of it up, but I'm really better at learning through trial and error online.

I also haven't decided how I want everything to look because I tend to be fairly organic with how my layouts and styles for pages develop. Why go in with an idea if you can just play along the way?

Oh, after I work on the layout for a while I'll load up a few icons in the userpic area so that I'm not looking so bare.
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Right now, I'm just putting this little post in to assure those who may stumble across this little piece of the web that I am an actual person, and I do plan to post in the future. I'm not sure as to the content, because that's how I roll, but there you are. B-)


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