Jun. 2nd, 2010 03:37 am
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I can't sleep right now, because I just can't shake the feeling that there is something wrong in my world. I hate this feeling. Every once in a while it creeps into my bones, and I'm left struggling to put it down because it makes me paranoid and frustrated.

Meanwhile, I really do need the sleep, because I want to actually get something done before I go to work tomorrow. (other than laundry, I mean.)

My dad has been ill, and just got out of the hospital again. Apparently, he's feeling somewhat better, though, because my sister called my mom to get my mom to call me so that I could call Sis so she could tell me that Daddy's marrying the girlfriend. Yes, it was as convoluted as that.

Also, any time I get a call from my family when I'm at work and they know I'm at work, I freak because I think something bad has happened. I've been that way for quite a while, but it always gets worse around bad events for obvious reasons.

In any event, I had been trying to call Sis' house so that I could talk to Dad, but he never seemed to be around. (seems his social life gets better when he has almost died.) And tonight, I got a call from a cousin of mine that I know is on the list of people who are supposed to take responsibility for my dad should something happen to him, and my sister and I are unable to be there for him.

Turns out it was another convoluted game of tag. Dad called Cousin to call me to call Dad. At midnight thirty. am. yeah, not so much fun.

Just so you know, I'm excited about several things.

1) one of my best friends has finished a killer paper that is (of course) bril, and that will one day be pointed to as the paper that started the brilliant career of a great Anthropologist/Classicist/Archaeologist/Whatever the Hell She Wants to Be.

2) I got to talk to a friend of mine on chat, whom I adore, on fb. She reads my LJ. Maybe she will see this and think, wow, that child is a moron. But I want her to know that I love her.

3) Husband has received a promotion at work that will make him happy as soon as the extra crew leaves. (the extra crew are there to re-set the store, which is a tedious, annoying process that apparently means that Husband doesn't get to do actual work, but can't go home because he's six three and stronger than an ox, and might be needed for heavy lifting.)

4) Bones, the cat, has been responding fairly well to our attempts to socialize her to the dogs and train her to be in a harness. She still hates Husband's step-sis, but that's not exactly an issue considering.

5)One day soon, I will actually get back to making icons, because I miss it, and there are new fandoms for me to fuck with!

and just for fun:



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