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...and also parantheses. welcome to my long post of doom, broken down into neat little cuts.

I've been working 6 days a week for about a month and a half now. It amounts to about 30 hours a week, but the shorter shifts are a bit better for my vocal cords, since I'm working an outbound call center.

This week, I took my one day off (Thursday) and spent it at Disney from (if you count car time) 6am to 1:30am. Husband and Husband's younger brother and I had an amazing time, just enjoying the rides at Magic Kingdom and the shops at Downtown.

Friday, I got up, hurting like a bitch because of being on my feet for twelve hours straight, but happy. I had work, but I've been feeling more secure in my calling abilities and have been working on my positive attitude toward a sometimes thankless, kinda crappy job (but it is still a *job*!!). I got there, clocked in, and tried to sign into the calling system.

Tried was the operative word. It kept giving me an error, telling me that I didn't exist in the database. Gaping, I called over one of the supervisors. They hadn't a clue, so they called it into the people that monitor call activity. After having the computer reboot, and me trying several different computers (and different call scripts), and being asked several necessary, if insulting, questions, and inferring that I could have been fired and not told, they basically told me to sit and wait.

So I sat. And waited. for 45 minutes. Did I tell you they had implied I could have been fired?

So, finally, I see my immediate supervisor walking past, so I jump up and try to catch her. When she saw me, she assured me everything was fine, but that she would be a few more minutes. After a while, she came by my booth, told me to hold on just a bit more, and then rushed away for another several minutes.

Eventually I was collected, and we went to another area to try to combine solving my Disappearing Login with an evaluation I had to do anyway. Turns out, my login wasn't the only thing gone. So were all my electronic records related to that login. So, no eval, and the database was missing most of the proof that I worked for the company. (and people were still asking if I was sure that was my login. Yes, I was/am/will be sure. I've been using it for a year now.)

So, I went home early with the assurance that the problem, having been identified, would be worked on that night. Two supervisors told me to come in an hour early the next day because their manager would be on then, and he would set everything to right, and I would also be able to punch in early, thereby picking up some of my lost time.

As had been suggested, the next day, I was at work an hour early. However, I had been in the immediate area for two hours because Husband had to work early as well, and I hate asking the Parents to help me get to work, especially off schedule, because they already do it so much.

I clock in, I find the manager I'm to talk to; he is already working with another caller. I wait a few minutes for that business to be handled, and I approach. The manager apologizes, but the problem hasn't been fixed. In fact, it won't be until Monday. Don't worry about coming in until then. Sorry about that. really.

Facepalm me in the eye why don't you? I mean, really, really? That's half a day I'm already missing, and two more right there. 13 hours doesn't seem like much, except when pay check to pay check sounds like your financial wet dream.

The best part of day two, and I'm not being sarcastic at all about this, was walking home. Two hours, and about 4.6 miles, of walking. I found my way home on my own, I talked to my mom and Husband on the way. I got to see the flowers I always want to see, but can't because I'm in a car, and I got to take a picture of a broken handicap-parking sign with my phone. The breeze blew the entire time. The only sucky part was having to wait forever for the crosswalk signs to change. It was great.

day four: Because of Day Two's news, there was no Day Three. Well, that's not quite true. Day three was me curled up in my room, aching from Disney and my two hour walk and watching the first disc of
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which was *very* enjoyable.

But back to today: found out at about 3:30 that a)the problem is fixed, b)I still don't have to go in today, and c)I'm being paid for the time that I was inconvenienced.

I call that a win.


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