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Alright, so I was so flipping tired earlier that I fell asleep on the couch watching Husband and In-Law Brothers 1&2 messing around with the tv/ps3/hd crap. Husband tried to get me to get up a couple of times, but like my usual idiotic self, I told him I was just gonna nap a bit longer, that I was only dozing anyway.

Well, for the record, when I told him I was dozing, I actually was just kind of drifting in and out. But after that point, I went into hardcore sleep.

So now I'm up, even though I could probably try to force myself to sleep, because there is just too much that I was supposed to do earlier, and I can do it more efficiently now that I'm alone with just the dogs and Pandora for company.

The frustrating thing, though, is that the sleep I got on the lumpy, smoky couch surrounded by people, animals, and noise was much more restful than the sleep I would get if I were to go to bed right now and lay by my husband in *our* room. I can't explain why this is, but it is a pattern I've had for years. I'll sleep poorly if I sleep, only to finally collapse around other people and get restful sleep, but annoy them because I snore or whimper or talk in my sleep. (My last real roommate before Husband told me that I would make so much noise sometimes that she would be convinced I was talking to Husband on the phone or something. I also apparently threw myself against the wall a lot...)

It is very difficult for Husband to deal with this because he sleeps best with me in the bed with him. I think it is some deep-seeded thing that involves his ability to pretty much own me when we sleep together, because the guy can be a squid, I swear! I'll start out the night cool and comfortable only to wake up a while later trussed up tighter than a Solstice present wrapped in August.

And maybe that is how he sleeps, but I just can't get used to it. I guess I've been on my own in beds for too long. I mean, when I was a kid, I shared beds with my sister and my brother at different points for different reasons, but then my brother and I were older, and my sister eventually moved out, and I was on my own in the bed department.

Okay, just realized how creepy that sounded, thought I should expain. My brother was afraid of the dark when I was 5ish and under and he was 4ish and under, and that conbined with a few other problems led to him sneaking into bed with me a lot when we were really young.

My sister and I shared a bed for several years because it was more space efficient to have our parents old queen bed than the twins and set up that we had been using. We slept head to foot for the most part.

But after my sister moved out when I was about 12, I never *had* to share a bed. I think I did a few times when I spent the night with someone, or someone stayed the night with me, but those were very few and far between.

God, sometimes I worry about my issues. *facepalm*

But moving on from that topic, I've begun playing a game on Facebook called Restaurant City, and I'm more into it than I thought I would be. I think that the game play is flawed from a design standpoint, but I'm not a game designer, and the company that created the game has many other games up that seem to be popular, so maybe I'm just bitching for nothing.

I am actually excited though, because I got to 'learn' a new dish, and it is Asian, and it is the first is hopefully many that lead down a path of 'designing' a restaurant that is what *I* would like a restaurant to be.

And yes, I know that makes me an uberdork, but I'm okay with that.


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