Jun. 24th, 2010

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No, seriously, she's as close to having a child as Husband and I plan on right now, and she means the world to us. When we baby-talk to her (yes, baby-talk, don't judge me), we call each other mommy and daddy. She's very fulfilling to us.

I love her beyond, even when she's being a bitch and biting my fingers or clawing my toes. I give her food and water and try to protect her from the world while still introducing her to the dogs in the house and the people that come over.


Yeah, but.

She's going through her first heat. So far, she has been much more personable than she usually is, but I know how quickly that can change. I'm fearing the 'fuck you, find something I can fuck myself on' stage. I don' think that Husband gets how annoying it can be. He makes jokes and talks about all the other cats he's seen in heat, but he's never lived with one. And, from a pheromone standing, Husband is *very* male, which means she'll love him and probably try to off me in my sleep.

Also, she's kind of creepy to have around during Husband and my more intimate moments. There are just some times that I don't want a cat trying to climb across me, you know? lol


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