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and had a not so pleasant visit with Murphy and his law.

I had planned on going home to visit with my family and hopefully husband's family, but of course we were already feeling tired the first day. I had a lovely time with my dad, and with my sister, and then I went home and had supper with my mom.

The next day we managed to see my mimi and pop-pop. After our time there, we took Pop-Pop to his ACTO (Alzheimer Caregiver Time-Out) group, and headed over to Sunset Cemetery to visit J's grandmother. We then went to see J's aunt and her family, before circling back to go see my sister again and get some peanuts from her. We left her house and went back to my mom's to get our stuff and got back on the road intending to leave town.

As you probably guessed, we intended to, but did not make it out of town. My mom called me and told me that my sister told her that my dad was disoriented and behaving strangely. Husband and I decided to stay a couple hours later, and within a few minutes of meeting my sister with my dad, I knew that we would have to stay at least the night.

Diagnoses so far? Stroke, TIA, diabetes, chronic hypertension, and probably general assholery now that Dad officially snuck out of the hospital for a smoke.

More to come later on this topic and the fall out.


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